• University Top Rankers

    We produce a bunch of University top rankers in each semester

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  • Cisco Academy

    One of the sought after programs in the technology domain, the Cisco

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  • Lab View Academy

    The LabView certification program offered by National Instruments is a

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  • Open Source Academy

    We aspire that our students excel not only in academics but must be

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  • Visitors

    We bring Internationaly recognised personals to our campus

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  • Student Innovations

    Its not very often that you hear a bridge being made of paper materials

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Latest Updates

Short term course on Core Java & J2EE from 05-01-2015 to 24-01-2015 by JThread
posted on:1/7/2015 10:26:06 AM

Faculty Development Program on "Advance Computer Networks" from 24-11-2014 to 29-11-2014
posted on:12/1/2014 4:03:27 AM

Workshop on "Image Processing & MATLAB" from 01-12-2014 to 03-12-2014
posted on:12/1/2014 4:03:13 AM

Faculty Development Program on "Soft Computing Technologies" from 18-12-2014 to 20-12-2015
posted on:12/1/2014 4:03:01 AM

Training on J2EE from 15-12-2014 to 17-01-2015
posted on:12/1/2014 4:02:48 AM

Workshop on Neural Networks from 11-12-2014 to 13-12-2014
posted on:12/1/2014 4:02:35 AM

BMCE has secured 89% pass in the first semester M.Tech CSE University Examinations.
posted on:11/28/2014 6:06:38 AM

BMCE is in third position among colleges under University of Kerala in the first semester M.Tech CSE University results.
posted on:11/28/2014 6:06:21 AM